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Knight Frank proudly presents its partnership with Constrexim as exclusive sales and marketing agent

25/07/2011 10:15:00 SA
June 22nd 2011, at Knight Frank’s Hanoi Office, Knight Frank and Constrexim-HOD (Constrexim House Investment and Development Joint-Stock Company), as part of Constrexim Holdings Group, have signed the exclusive marketing and sales agent collaboration agreement. Representing mutual trust and understanding between both parties, this contract enables Knight Frank to be the exclusive sales and marketing agent of the Green Park Tower Project.

Developed by Constrexim-HOD, as part of the prestigious Constrexim Group, Green Park Tower is a high-end residential and commercial complex, featuring two 25-storey towers, with nearly 400 residential units located on 22 stories, shopping, retail and services centers located on the bottom three levels and two basement levels. The towers are located in the newly developed administrative and commercial area on the West side of Hanoi. Giving the residents a great accessibility to major transportation hubs, shopping centers, hotels and educational establishments such as Keangnam, The Manor, The Garden, Big C Supermarket, FPT University, as its slogan goes - “A real living place”, Green Park Tower is confident to bring a modern and convenient way of living in the years to come. Residents will enjoy a wide variety of leisure and shopping services provided inside the towers, including fitness centers, beauty salons, high-class coffee shops and supermarket chain stores.Uniquely designed, Green Park Tower is of few architectural projects that are blended with both traditional Oriental beauty and a modern, stylish yet intelligent design. Influenced by Western architectural ideology, the units are designed in a way that makes the best use of sunlight and space, the two very important factors. Residents will enjoy a great deal of sunlight and air ventilation with two sides of their apartments facing outside and a so-called “Bay Window” system. This proves that Fengshui, which brings health and wealth in the beliefs of Vietnamese people, was taken into a great deal of consideration.

Mr. Ross Lightfoot, Knight Frank National Director of Sales & Marketing enthusiastically expressed his honor to be partnered with Constrexim-HOD and emphasized the potential of Green Park Tower Project: “Green Park Tower is among few projects that are built in a very good location in Hanoi. It is close to a great deal of popular residential and commercial centers, universities and hotels of the city. The design is also what I like of Green Park Tower. With the “Bay Window” system, the project is smartly designed with the best use of sunlight. This project will best suit the needs of families who are looking for an apartment with comprehensive offered services. Seeing the potential of Green Park Tower, Knight Frank Vietnam is honored to be the exclusive sales and marketing agent of this project.”Mr. Nguyen Duc Cay, General Manager of Constrexim-HOD shared his thoughts: “Green Park Tower is among one of the high-quality residential projects that have been developed in recent years. We hope that our previous experiences in real estate development will bring the most quality and standard to residents. Knight Frank is among the top players in the market, with extensive knowledge and expertise in property, and choosing Knight Frank to work with us demonstrates our passion and confidence in this project.”

Six stories of Green Park Tower have been completed and 75% of the units have been sold. The developer expects the units will be handed over to residents in December 2012.The official sales launch event of Green Park Tower will be hold on Friday July 8th 2011 in Trang An Hall, Hanoi Tower, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, from 18.00 - 21.00.

About Knight Frank Vietnam: Knight Frank is the leading independent global property consultancy in the world. Our real estate and consulting services stand for the highest standards of quality and integrity in global property transactional, management and advisory services. Knight Frank has opened 207 offices worldwide, in 43 countries, in six continents and ranked eight by worldwide turnover. The presence of Knight Frank in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City has enhanced its strong network in the Asia Pacific Region. The company currently employs 70 people in Vietnam and is growing rapidly.

About Constrexim-HOD: Constrexim Housing Development and Investment Joint-Stock Company is a subsidiary of Vietnamese Commercial and Construction Investment Joint-Stock Company (Constrexim Holdings), which belongs to the Ministry of Construction. Constrexim-HOD, is chartered to have its main activities as property sales and construction of residential and industrial projects, management and operation of urban infrastructures, industry area, shopping center, tourist areas… The company has developed many high-quality projects that meet international standards and the demands of property investors as well as residents.

Source: Knight Frank Vietnam
Source: Knight Frank Vietnam
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