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Mat Son Lake

Total area of planning: 410,000 m2
Housings and trade services area: 171,000 m2, making up 41.7%
Green area: 28,500 m2, making up 6.95%
Public services area: 61,500 m2, making up 15%
Traffic area: 149,000 m2, making up 36.35%

Type of homes given construction permit:
- Villas
- Gardened houses
- Terraced houses
- Commercial and tourist service area

Modern and comprehensive urban technical infrastructure

Geographical location:

The investment project is being implemented in Sao Do Town, Hai Duong Province, 60 kilometres from Hanoi, 70 kilometres from Noibai International Airport, 01 kilometres from Chi Linh Star Golf Course, belonging to the potential north-east economic region of Vietnam. Located alongside National Highway 18, it connects Hanoi with the world-famous UNESCO Heritage Site of Halong Bay.

Total Project Investment: VND 320 billion

It is the New Urban Area Project of Mat Son Lake Residential Quarter, located at the centre of Sao Do Town, Chi Minh Commune, Chi Linh District, Hai Duong Province (60 kiliometres from Hanoi), amid National Highway No. 18, connecting the Capital of Hanoi with the World Heritage Site of Halong Bay in Quang Ninh Province. This is the place of “sacred land and talented people”, because of having been chosen many centuries ago by National Hero Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan, “Khue Star” Nguyen Trai and “Master of Masters” Chu Van An to be their breeding grounds.

The Project meets all the conditions of a 40-hectare, civilised, modern and new urban area, planned into 07 functional areas for: Travelling and Ecotourism; Offices and Commercial Centres; Administrative Bodies; Primary Schools; Kindergartens; General Commercial Centres; Villas, Gardened Houses and Terrace Houses. Its traffic system scale accounts for 36% of the total land area. 11.5-to-13-metre-wide internal traffic ways have created harmonious and reasonable residential subareas and chessboard-like traffic.

The 20.5-to-26-metre-wide trunk road of the Project connects the cultural, tourist and sports neighbourhood with Mat Son Lake Residential Area, forming an uninterrupted traffic system, merging the two areas into a unified whole. Power-supply, water-supply, communication, illumination, green-park and traffic-way systems are comprehensively and modernly designed. The Project will meet various needs for housing including those for villas, gardened houses, terraced houses, residential and commercial houses, which all are located by the over-50-hectare Mat Son ecological lake. Its planning has harmoniously combined the cultural features, rich in local traditions, with the progress, civilisation and modernity of a new urban form.

Housing Trade and Development Company (Constrexim-HOD), having its headquarters situated at 39 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Hanoi, has been authorised by its parent company - Vietnam Investment, Construction, Import and Export Company (Constrexim Holdings) under Vietnam Ministry of Construction - to be the investor. Launched on 6 May 2005 in the presence of His Excellency, Minister of Construction, Mr. Nguyen Hong Quan, Her Excellency, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hai Duong Province, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan together with many officials of ministries, sectors, localities, and Korea partners as well, the Project is expected to be completed in 2 years as from the launching date.

Source: “Construction and Life” Monthly Magazine No. 7(55)-2005 of Construction Newspaper
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