We at Constrexim HOD Property Centre would like to extend to you our warm greetings and best wishes for good health and prosperity.

Established under Decision No.18/HOD-HDQT dated 30 June 2010 by the Board of Directors of Constrexim Housing Development and Investment JSC (Constrexim HOD), our centre aims at building up customers’ firm confidence, bringing the best profits to customers and partners in the real estate sector, especially by means of such projects, directly invested by Constrexim HOD itself, as:

1. CT1 - CT2 High-Rise Condominium Building (Green Park Tower)
2. “Mat Son Lake Residential Quarter” New Urban Area Project
3. Constrexim Trade and Service Centre Building

Not only do we provide good real estate business service, positively exploiting potential market but we have always been enthusiastic in giving customers advice on planning, legal procedures, financial policies thanks to our qualified and experienced consultants and professional work process as well. Our services include:

1. Real estate purchase, sale and transfer
2. Real estate lease and lease-purchase
3. Real estate brokerage
4. Real estate consultancy
5. Real estate valuation
6. Real estate promotion
7. Real estate auction
8. Real estate management

Interested customers are welcome to visit our centre for the optimal, time-and-money saving investment plans.

Address : 1st Floor, CT3 Building, Cau Giay New Urban Area, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
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